a difficult subject to draw so i broken it down to geometric shapes.  


I think its the foreshortening that confuses us PLUS we know what a car looks like - but do we actually look?

However, we need to remember to not confuse what we know with what we see!! in other words there's no substitute for observation.

Note that at this angle the width of the front of this car is about double it’s length

Bonnet depth is almost half height of front grill

Roof: almost non-existant!!

use a pencil and your fingers to measure and then compare that measurement to another "plane" of your subject.

Spend some time reducing to geometric shapes, horses, cows, dogs etc and any other thing you find difficult to draw convincingly


i've updated my sketching cars pdf to show relationships to elements in a scene that help with size ratios, sketching cars update 240820.pdf

it;s a good idea to sketch your own car and your neighbours while they're stationery. note that at a distance at your eye level you can see very little of the roof.

draw 10 cars - just the outline as a 3d shape (cube), no detail - send me your pics!! x



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  • Thanks Amanda, that really simplifies those pesky vehicles for me. :-)

  • also have a go at sketching your own car from different angles!!

  • Thanks for this, very helpful.

  • This really helps thinking about the shapes.    How's your lockdown  2 going? 

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