"I keep wanting to get photos of those sheds, but always seems to be wrong time of day, 8794282656?profile=RESIZE_400x wrong tide or wrong weather for stopping. Or... we use the road on the other side of the estuary!"

This is what happens if you paint photo realism or you are too dependent on photos - you're probably sunk becuase you are waiting for ideas to happen.

Ideas don't happen - artists, scientists, engineers, poets, musicians MAKE IDEAS HAPPEN.

We don't have time to wait.

The ugly truth, no matter how long you wait, you will never get your perceived "perfect photo"

the weather will be crap, the light will be wrong - whatever! This is really just another form of procrastination.

There's 2 solutions:

  1. stop and paint or sketch anyway
  2. take the crappy photos when you are there - from 50 angles - what we really need is resources and reference shapes. 

Set your camera to hi-res so you can zoom in and out.

when you get your horrible photos home, pick out the ones with the stuff you need and start doodling
and sketching.

make lists. Sketching is an idea generator - use it.8790596267?profile=RESIZE_400x
















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  • Thanks for the great advice and love the new painting so much. Amazing colours and light/darks 

    • thank you it was fun to paint but daunting at the beginning - I didn't want to do too much drawing, going to have another go on full sheet - yikes!!

    • Wow full sheet would be incredible 

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