Nasty Drawing

always helps me to loossen up 4297724676?profile=RESIZE_710x

leave gaps

love wrong marks

curves where there should be straights and vice versa

less is more

hold pencil at tip so you can't be accurate

I might not paint it like this but it will make me stop and think

I should also add, I deliberately don't finish drawings on watercolour paper for painting, I'm hoping for some magic to happen and to see it and leave it alone!!

what do you think of Mimi's Rex cat? he's adorable but I can't remember his name, he's got the smallest ears I've ever seen!! he's got the loveliest fur, if you can sneak a pat he's just like a plushy toy!!

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  • Was hard to kp at end of pencil, hand kept sneaking back. I see I do lots of lines, instead of just one decisive line. It's a budgie but looks more like a parrots swallowed it. It won't be turning into a painting. Need to consider more drawing, do struggle with perspective too. Practice practice practice lol. 

  • Aw I lovevpussy cats 🐱 mine brings me lots of 'live' mice arghhhh. Nb. Hold pencil or brush nearer tip, rather than checking the daylights out of it. 🐇

    • good idea just focus on one thing and make the new habit - 21 days of lockdown left and 21 days to make a new habit!! xx

      mine brings me rats - eeeuuuwww!!

      not realising what it was I picked up a weird urky thing from my driveway, CARRIED IT IN MY HANDS to the rubbish and then realised it was a flattened rat!! YIKES!! i love bertie!

    • I must check my typing, lol 'checking the daylights out of it" should be choking!!! 

      Been to Emergency Murder House, 1st outing since lockdown. :-(
      Just watched your fab vid on YouTube. I loved it. So helpful. 21 days huh... Wonder if I could change some other bad habits, like that wine I'm going to have, yeah, nah. 

      I hauled something out from under the bed last week wondering what it was, it was a flamin skull, or part thereof. Sootie is passed out on deck sprawled out like a big fat lizard. She's the dirtiest pussycat, rolls in the dirt if you please then naps on bed. sigh. I also love her to bits like Bertie. Little minx. Man its hot out there. :-) xxx

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"Just want to thank you so much for the class last night - your encouragement and grace is so wonderful. I still can't believe I actually painted! And I'm thrilled with my effort, please tell me that tomorrow is Wednesday!!! :)" Katherine

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