our initial goes with zoom were a little tense but we made it through and some adjustments have made our meetings even better!!
Sorry I muffed the recordings, i will do another painting and record for you and have also managed to solve and test successfully for next time - thanks for your patience!
Hope you've recovered from the meeting... Always a learning experience trying something new. You handle things so well!
I loved it, I really enjoyed being able to get such a good view and being able to ask questions afterwards. I think you can call it a huge success, once we all learn how to use the programme properly LOL. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. 
Enjoyed your class last evening. Your commentary as you paint is excellent and greatly helps me to understand 'how it's done'. Just the simplest things can make a huge difference.
The demo was great on Tuesday thanks. Really enjoyed and your advice and teaching is fun and so helpful
I'm so glad you were able to "attend" class and thanks for your wonderful feedback!
see you next week and we'll paint "Networking"
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  • Thanks Amanda for another great Zoom painting session. 

    So great to have a recording to refer to as you pack in so much information during the class.

    They're so perfect for me. I get to be back in class whilst still living in the boom docks and learning from you. I was always a bit put out I was missing out, but not now! I'm back on track and painting things I would have never dreamt of attempting. 

    Looking forward to our next session together already. Really back on track now and enthusiastic to buy more supplies and getting going.

    I'm inspired.

    Thanks Jude. 

    • fantastic thank jude!!

      what subject should I add to my list for you for class?


    • I'd enjoy seeing how to simplify a big landscape... perhaps with hills, or sand dunes, with beach - and how to add touches to make it look interesting.  Something like that - those lines would be awesome Amanda. Oh, and trees!  😆 sounds more than one painting!

    • thanks!! will work into my list! xx

  • 5156770285?profile=RESIZE_930x

    • i love your bloke waving out to his mates!! and the light on the turquoise shirt gives some nice variety!

      you've used your focal area well - at the top of your painting the colours are muted and some of them washed out - nice!! possibly could do with some more lost and found in this area - my eye goes straight to the boats (beautifully done!) and the blokes - nice soft edges, they look like a crowd!

      your next goal is to drop/charge colour in to wet/damp areas and let them run by themselves. I'm feeling like the corrugated iron awning/roof could do with a little more variety.

      your building looks like a crusty disgusting old building - well done!!

      it just needs a frame!!



    • Thanks Amanda, my husband has bagged the painting for his office as Sicily holds lovely memories for us. I used arches for the first time, instead of my usual Saunders Waterford. It's a bit different to use. The layers float out very easily so it's harder to get layering effects but easier to lift lights.

  •  Today was another well thought out, planned lesson thanks Amanda. I like how you are gently guiding us through simple perspectives. 

  • The video clip was really great, thanks for all the hard work you put into it!

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