Handy Tips for beginners!

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Have plenty of a4 drawing paper handy for practicing drawing and shapes.

Wash out and gently dry your brushes before packing away.

Squeeze out new tube paint before starting so that you don’t have to scrub at dry paint and damage your brushes.

Use a pallet with a lid to avoid dust and stray animal hairs in your pigment.

Use a kitchen sponge or old tea towel to moderate the water content in your brush.

Keep a hand towel close by to control stray drips of water from your hands.

Paint standing up for as long as possible.

Sit for more control when adding calligraphy and detailed strokes.

For tubes proving difficult to open, run the cap under hot water.

Practice drawing, if your shapes aren’t quite right your picture won’t look right.

Keep spare sheets of watercolour paper handy to practise washes, colour dropping, shapes and investigate new pigment before you venture onto your painting.

Make colour charts with your pigments – practice mixing greys and greens, opaque, staining and transparent pigments and brands.

happy painting!!






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