Design vs Composition

Composing and designing are pretty much one and the same thing. 4228043560?profile=RESIZE_710x

it's all about placing shapes, colour, values and forms etc in a way that creates visual interest. 

There are several schools of thought on Design and Composition, a simplied version that resonates for me is that the artist (sculpture, musician, poet, painter - whatever!) takes into consideration these design principles:

  • Unity
  • harmony
  • Contrast
  • Dominance
  • Repitition
  • Balance
  • Gradation

lets have a discussion over each of these points in the coming weeks., however, lets start with Dominance.

Catherine and I were talking about this in class the other day, however I don't think I used the word dominance at the time - boo!!

we were talking about ratios of value for example a painting may be composed of 75% dark values, 20% mid values and 5% light values.

Further we could transfer that idea to color - a blue painting (75% = dominant colour), with green (20% = non-dominant colour) and orange (5% = Accent)

and to size = BIG, medium and small shapes and the spaces between

the ratios I talk about above are of my own "recipe" and, of course, you can make up your own.

in the little demo pic at right (i can't remember what I was actually demonstrating) there is a domnance of the dark value, with a mid value sky and foreground, with light value umbrellas. there's even a dominance of cool darks (little bit of green and violet) and an accent of burnt sienna - yay!!

happy painting!!









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