catching the bead

a few little tips from one of my beginners online classes.
not quite finished this 6715064273?profile=RESIZE_400xpainting but you get the "picture" pardon the pun. the coolest thing about watercolour is it's ability to move, many budding watercolour painters fight this, my advice after 30 years of painting with this most amazing medium is to have fun with it and play!
My palette concept was a secondary triad - my favourite, green, cool grey (almost violet) and orange.
Over a light, quick sketch, i washed in an underpainting, in this case mostly cool grey. catching the bead from a previously painted shapes with a new hue/value and letting them join is where much of the fun is - just watch them blend together, then move on to another area to paint. I frequently splash colour from my brush into damp areas to create a little texture and also get some colour moving around.
starting at the top left, I painted the scissor handles a dirty reddy-orange a good complement to grey. then I painted the clothes peg turquoise because it's a good complement to the red-orange. I painted the pencil dirty yellow (i didn't want it to stand out too much), a good complement to the grey background and left some of it white. so I'm always thinking in complements (within my chosen palette) and light/dark, dark/light especially within my focal area.
the temptation is great for the beginner to outline shapes with some sort of black. the world is not outlined with black (or any other colour!). develop your sketching and observation skills - note that what defines and describes my wee palette box is value change (dark next to light etc).
can you count the values in this painting?
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