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Glossary of Terms

this is a glossary of terms for all things art including watercolour

in no particular order and under construction, so please do check back regularly for updates:

UNDERPAINTING: a process of blocking-in (or washing-in) a preliminary light to mid valu

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If i could meet the person who first said "your painting is not perfect" or "I'm a perfectionist" i would give them a jolly good talking to!!

Lets get a reality check here - there's no such thing as perfect (except for Mary Poppins and even she said

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"Just want to thank you so much for the class last night - your encouragement and grace is so wonderful. I still can't believe I actually painted! And I'm thrilled with my effort, please tell me that tomorrow is Wednesday!!! :)" Katherine

"Amanda is easy to get on with. Like spending the day with a friend. She's very talented and we really enjoyed the day." Gudnee

"I thoroughly enjoyed the course. Amanda was so "efficient", if one can use that word…
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