a 21 day challenge to create small artworks of PLAIN GREEN BOTTLES.

if we were doing this true academy style this would be very structured. Something like 3 months pencil drawing, then you might be promoted to 3 months of charcoal drawing, then promoted to 3 months of monotone painting, THEN you might get promoted to colour - wahoo!!

the point of this exercise is creative development - what can one do with 6 green bottles? I've done these jolly bottles for 2 weeks im bored, what can I do to zhuzh it up? and that my friends is exactly the point. what can i do differently? how do I make one bottle stand out from another.

so I'm thinking:

2-3 days observational drawing

then develop this to 2 days contour drawing

2-3 days monotone painting

then 14 days of painting development

keep them small so that they're do-able - paintings maybe 20 x 20cm and drawings 10 x 10cm, no more than an hour each day.

load up your workings/artwork each day - HAVE FUN!!

I've uploaded some photos, but of course it would be better to set-up your own bottles (no labels)



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