NO you're not lost - new colours, new brand, lockdown changes!!


Welcome to my new FREE TO JOIN watercolour learning network for students of all levels!! 

Our own One-Stop-Shop for all things watercolour!!

I’m thrilled that you’ve joined us, thank you, I hope you find it exciting, lively and interesting to participate in.

You can set up your own profile, upload photos of your paintings, get involved in discussions and ask questions, invite your friends and make new ones.

You’ll find forum discussions for each online lesson; this is where you can post a pic of your lesson painting and ask for a critique, solve problems and get lots of lovely feedback.

We also have forum discussions on other “arty” topics like how to develop your style, deciding what to paint, over-working and “nasty” drawing and painting and how to overcome painting struggles and many more.

On the Home page you will find an Activity Feed, latest Online classes and tutorials, Forum discussions, free video demonstrations and reference photos plus lots more.

happy painting!

About Amanda

Amanda is an award-winning internationally recognised en plein air watercolour artist, with works held in collections in Italy, UK, Ireland, Canada, USA, New Zealand and Australia. 

Amanda loves watercolour painting, more than that - it's her life!! She's totally addicted to the chemical reactions produced by the combination of organic watercolor pigments, traditional watercolour papers and water - she loves watching paint dry!! 

Based in her hometown of Auckland, New Zealand, Amanda also lives in Lucca for her annual painting residency and workshops in Italy. When in Italy, every morning she heads out into the streets of Lucca in search of new and evocative painting subjects to paint en plein air. Bicycle loaded with painting equipment pared to a minimum, an espresso and cornetto (traditional Italian colazione), then off to the next painting location.

In conjunction with her Auckland watercolour classes and workshops, Amanda also teaches week-long watercolour painting holiday workshops in Italy for watercolour enthusiasts who want an active holiday and want to get to know a destination intimately.

Amanda says "I create paintings that are atmospheric with interesting shapes - almost California School. I let colours run into each other creating a unique underpainting and telling my story through a detailed focal area. I want you to be able to see something new every time you look at my paintings."

Amanda enjoys painting street scenes en plein air or studio and still-life. "I always add people and crowds to my street scenes, many artists avoid this but I find it exhilarating (frightening!) to add a minimal shape that will become a person. Watercolour is for the minimalist, less is definitely more! I love creating odd funky shapes - they still say 'I'm a bottle or a teapot' but nothing is straight - a long line has a kink or something to destroy it"


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Forum Rules

Welcome everyone! This group is for the learning, sharing, camaradierie and discussion of painting with watercolours. People of all skill levels are welcome here and as for the “rules” well… I'm not a fan of “don’ts”… so here’s a list of “DO’S” 1.…

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My lesson notes, videos, photographs, sketches, ideas, writings and text are how I make my living as a full-time professional artist - I love sharing them with you, my students, BUT PLEASE REMEMBER they are only mine to share - thanks for understanding!