Painting Outside the Lines, abstract watermedia workshop (Dates to be confirmed)

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    Discoveries in watercolour are all the sweeter because it’s a fantastic medium to play with. This is where you can make your best discoveries – just by playing and understanding the relationships between hand, heart, brush, paper, pigment and water! Playing gives us the confidence to just take a risk and throw some colour down and see what happens. Playing also gives us the latitude to slow down and see the wonders the pigments create all by themselves leading us to paint and create…

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POSTPONED TO MAY 2021 - Watercolour Workshop, Lucca Italy (Dates to be confirmed)

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    My annual pilgrimage to paint in Italy always includes Lucca - its beauty never ceases to amaze me! Located in the heart of Tuscany, Lucca is a slower pace and is full of history and sights including the passeggiata di mura and L'anfiteatro! 

    My painting holiday workshops in Lucca are all about the fun of painting in a supportive group environment and is suitable for all levels. Mostly, …
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Forum Rules

Welcome everyone! This group is for the learning, sharing, camaradierie and discussion of painting with watercolours. People of all skill levels are welcome here and as for the “rules” well… I'm not a fan of “don’ts”… so here’s a list of “DO’S” 1.…

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Recent Student Feedback

"Just want to thank you so much for the class last night - your encouragement and grace is so wonderful. I still can't believe I actually painted! And I'm thrilled with my effort, please tell me that tomorrow is Wednesday!!!…
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